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Find out about Full Circle, the professional development arm of Shakespeare Schools Foundation.

After 20 years of working with young people, we know that creativity is a crucial part of the learning process. We see  children growing in confidence by playing with ideas during the rehearsal period - a safe space where we can show them that it’s OK to try and fail, and how to pick themselves up and move ahead.

We were delighted to share this approach to learning with a brand new audience at our first Full Circle taster session. Full Circle is the professional development arm of Shakespeare Schools Foundation, bringing our rehearsal room techniques and a little Shakespearean flair  to help professionals develop in key areas such as leadership, presentation delivery and team-building. All our Full Circle sessions are led by actors/directors from the theatre world.

We welcomed participants from Advanz Pharma, Hobart Capital Markets and Kingston University London to our offices for an interactive session. Our facilitator led a group of professionals from all walks of life through a series of energising, on-your-feet activities, leading up to an exploration of  how to hone presentational skills using a monologue from Henry V. The group worked together in a supportive environment, celebrating mistakes and reflecting on how they could refine their technique. 

Graham Walker, who directs the MSc in Leadership and Management and Health at Kingston University London, said: 

“The session really brought home to me the importance of being allowed to try things out. I’ve seen students freeze when faced with the challenge of delivering a presentation. The rehearsal techniques we explored today could really help them build confidence as they prepare for the professional world.”

Charles Madden of Hobart Capital Markets said, “This highly engaging session broke down the barriers and got everyone talking. I’d recommend it to organisations seeking to enhance team-building.”

Our Full Circle team are happy to devise a workshop to suit the needs of individual workplaces. To find out more about our approach, visit
Or contact Louise:, 020 7601 1810

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