Lourdes’s week volunteering with SSF

I am extremely grateful to say that I had the opportunity to have my first work experience at Shakespeare Schools Foundation. It was so much fun. Everyone there was extremely nice, kind-hearted and sociable.

I myself am also a part of something similar to SSF called Chickenshed and that is how I found this work experience. I have always been interested in doing work experience and thanks to my tutor, she was able to find this charity and I was immediately attracted to it.  Everything said on the website was only positive and I was impatient to see whether I was able to get work experience.

Arriving to the office, I was nervous because I’ve never done anything like that before. As soon as I entered the office and spoke to everyone there, I was instantly excited and eager to start working. I didn’t know much about Shakespeare Schools Foundation, only what I read on their website, but from everyone’s enthusiasm and love for their work, I learnt so much about them and realised how amazing the charity is. I only know Shakespeare’s plays from school and to be frank I was never extremely interested in them, but from seeing all the reviews and how they make his plays fun and interesting has opened my mind about his work. What made working there ten times easier and better was the atmosphere everyone put across. Every time I walked into the office, it was always buzzing and everyone seemed to get along with everybody else, which makes my experience so much more enjoyable.

I think this experience has been amazing and I recommend it to everyone who has never done work experience before or even if you had it is still amazing. It is the best first work experience I could have asked for and would go back there in a heartbeat. Thank you Shakespeare Schools Foundation and everyone who worked there for making it so good.

Coram SSF is a cultural education charity that exists to instil curiosity and empathy, aspiration and self-esteem, literacy and teamwork - giving young people the confidence to see that all the world is their stage.

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