Participating in the Festival: Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

Coram Shakespeare Schools Foundation’s One Night of Shakespeare
Updated June 2020


Coram Shakespeare Schools Foundation (Coram SSF) places the experience of our schools* at the heart of everything we do.

The following Terms and Conditions are designed to enable Coram SSF to deliver an excellent and fair experience to all schools participating in One Night of Shakespeare.

By registering for One Night of Shakespeare you agree on behalf of your school to abide by these Terms and Conditions. Breach of these Terms and Conditions may prevent schools and/or students** being permitted to participate in workshops or performance events.

*For the purposes of this document the term ‘schools’ includes any organisation or group participating in One Night of Shakespeare.

**‘Students’ refers to any young people participating in One Night of Shakespeare.


Our Inclusive Ethos

Coram SSF creates a non-competitive, inclusive and supportive environment so that any student can take part in One Night of Shakespeare. We expect all participants to approach One Night of Shakespeare with a positive attitude to working with peers and staff of different ages, ethnicities, backgrounds and abilities.

Coram SSF does not tolerate discrimination of any kind and will take action if any such behaviour is reported. Failure to properly address such discrimination could result in the school in question being banned from participating.


The Teacher-Director and Festival Coordinator

Coram SSF will assign each school a 'Festival Coordinator', who will be your go-to contact throughout your Festival journey. Each school must provide their Festival Coordinator with the name and details of a main contact who will be leading the project in school, called a 'Teacher-Director'. All of Coram SSF's vital communications will go to the Teacher-Director. It is the schools' responsibility to inform us if the Teacher-Director changes.
In-School Workshop

Your school must have no more than 35 students in attendance at the In-School Workshop and they must be adequately supervised by the school. This 35 may include actors, musicians, student technicians, marketing students, and any other students who will be participating in One Night of Shakespeare. There is no minimum group size.

There must always be at least one teacher or member of school staff present at the In-School Workshop at any time. If this rule is broken it will prevent the workshop beginning or from continuing.

The school will provide a working space for the workshop that is suitable for all access requirements of its students, i.e: a hall, studio or gym. This should be large enough for participants to move around comfortably and clear of tables and chairs.

Timings and dates will be displayed on the school’s BackStage account on the Coram SSF website ( A link will be sent to the Teacher-Director by email when these are released and confirmed.


Registration Fee

Payment of the non-refundable registration fee (£998 +VAT for state schools, £1,605+VAT for independent schools) is due 30 days after receipt of the invoice. The invoice will be sent within 10 working days of completion of the registration form. If school funding has been confirmed but monies cannot yet be released, please contact your Festival Coordinator immediately. We are only able to offer refunds or deferrals in specific circumstances. See 'Refunds and Deferrals' below for details.


Privacy Policy

At Coram Shakespeare Schools Foundation, we have always been and continue to be committed to protecting and respecting your privacy.

We are a charity and a company limited by guarantee and we hold personal data for schools, staff, donors, supporters, Festival and workshop participants and suppliers. We will only use the information that we collect about you in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulations 2018 and the Privacy and Electronic Communications Regulations 2003.

To read our full Privacy Policy, click here.


Health and Safety

The health and safety of all staff and students is of paramount importance to us. Therefore, we insist that all schools operate under the Department for Education (DfE) advice on health and safety for schools. All participating schools will be expected to have read the DfE’s guidance, and to act under its aegis (see

Coram SSF accepts no responsibility for injury to persons during the In-School Workshops and One Night of Shakespeare Performance Day(s), other than that which is covered by the Coram Shakespeare Schools Foundation’s Public Liability Insurance. Schools will be expected to have provided all appropriate and adequate insurance arrangements for their students and their staff.

Coram SSF carries out its own Risk Assessments in line with our Health and Safety Policy but participating schools must also do their own. We can provide a template if required.

Schools must appoint a Group Leader (usually the Teacher-Director) who should make themselves known to the Coram SSF staff at the beginning of the In-School Workshop.

Group Leaders must be teachers who therefore act as employees of the LA/LEA/ELB or of the school governing body, and as such must do their best to ensure the health and safety of everyone in the school group.

The Group Leader will be expected to provide:

  • A register of their students in case of an emergency
  • Any information about special needs or medical conditions that may affect participation in activities
  • A list of students who do not have permission from a legal guardian to be photographed


Child Protection and Safeguarding

Coram Shakespeare Schools Foundation is committed to safeguarding the welfare of children and young people and requires all staff and volunteers to share this commitment. Coram SSF works directly with children and young people and therefore takes the issues of safeguarding and child protection very seriously.

Coram SSF adheres to the Coram Group Safeguarding Policy & Procedures. To read this full policy, click here.

Coram SSF has developed safeguarding guidance for our activity that directs our work with schools and children. We aim to create an environment of safety and mutual respect, where child protection is everyone’s responsibility. For our full Safeguarding Procedures, click here.

All Coram SSF staff will have a current Enhanced DBS check. For more information see ‘Our Commitment to You’ later in this document.


Props, Costume and Personal Belongings

Coram SSF accepts no responsibility for loss or damage to property during the In-School Workshop or One Night of Shakespeare Performance Day(s), other than that which is covered by the Coram Shakespeare Schools Foundation’s Public Liability Insurance.

Coram SSF discourages schools from allowing anything that is dangerous or messy onstage for their One Night of Shakespeare performance. This includes glass, liquids, hazardous materials of any kind, explosives or combustible materials, metal blades, real or replica guns of any kind, and live animals. If you are unsure, just check with your Festival Coordinator or Coram SSF.



If you are using recorded music you will require a PPL licence. Many LAs/LEAs/ELBs will have a PPL licence but schools should check the specific authorisation relating to them, and what is covered by their licence. All licences are specific to previously declared requirements.

If the school is licensed through the LA/LEA/ELB and not currently covered, they should contact the Council and ask them to declare Amateur Dramatics use to the PPL.

If the Council has devolved funding and/or the school is responsible for its own licence, the Teacher-Director should contact the PPL offices directly to ensure the school is covered.

PPL Contact Details are,, 020 7534 1000

Coram SSF Scripts and Repeat Performances

Copyright of the abridged scripts rests with the Coram Shakespeare Schools Foundation. The registration fee only allows a school to perform the abridgement as part of One Night of Shakespeare in 2020.

The script may not be shared outside school, used in subsequent years, or downloaded for use outside One Night of Shakespeare.


Teacher-Director Workshops

Participation in Teacher-Director Workshops is restricted to those teachers whose schools have paid the registration fee. Each school is permitted one space at the Teacher-Director Workshop. If you would like to book an additional place, please contact your Festival Coordinator.

Teacher-Directors may bring a Student-Director for free, but the student must be 15 or over, and it must be confirmed with your Festival Coordinator beforehand.


Refunds and Deferrals

Coram SSF is unable to offer refunds on the registration fee.

As a charity, we heavily subsidise each school's registration fee through fundraising, events, and other activity throughout the year. When a school signs up to One Night of Shakespeare, both they and Coram SSF are committed to the costs of their participation, including staff, practitioners, resources, website maintenance etc. This means that if a school drops out of the project the charity loses all the money invested, making it harder for us to continue to run the Festival or One Night of Shakespeare in following years. Therefore, in order to protect our future work with schools and theatres, we are unable to offer refunds.

In exceptional circumstances* we may be able to defer a registration fee to the following year’s programme.

*Staffing changes, changes to budgets, changes to school commitments or priorities do not qualify as ‘exceptional circumstances’. Exceptional circumstances include:
- closure of the entire school due to pandemic
- bereavement or serious illness
- change of dates by Coram SSF after schedules are confirmed
Deferrals will be subject to deductions as follows:

  • On or before 24th July 2020 – minus £155 +VAT
  • On or before 18th September 2020 – minus £410 +VAT
  • On or before 18th October 2020 – minus £700 +VAT

No deferrals are possible after this stage.

The deferred fee will be credited against participation in the following year and the school will need to pay the remaining balance of any price difference.

If there is any chance that you might need to defer your place, please contact your Festival Coordinator immediately.

In the case of a union strike Coram SSF events carry on as normal and we ask that you try to attend planned events. Seek advice from your union.



Each year Coram SSF evaluates our work in great detail. This is so that we can continue to improve our products and creative offer to schools, as well as demonstrate impact and provide demographic data to the partners, trusts and foundations that support us.

To this end, Coram SSF will be sending you various evaluation forms throughout the year to survey your experience and that of your students. Please complete each stage in the evaluation thoroughly.


Our Commitment to You

Coram SSF will ensure that appropriate Public Liability Insurance is in place. All Coram Shakespeare Schools Foundation employees are covered by Public Liability and Employer’s Liability Insurance.

We guarantee that all Coram SSF Staff (office staff and freelance staff) working with your students and employed directly by Coram SSF will have been deemed suitable to work with children following a Disclosure from the Disclosure and Barring Service and received Child Protection training.

Your Festival Coordinator will do everything in their power to accommodate requirements or needs of the school, while maintaining a fair experience for all other schools involved.

Coram SSF is committed to making the One Night of Shakespeare experience fun, fair and professional for all involved, and we greatly appreciate your cooperation in helping us achieve this aim. Thank you.

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Every year we help thousands of young people from across the UK become better at teamwork, more confident and more ambitious.

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